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Best Practice

Thanks for the comments. I agree that the FIM is a great tool and the rehab service I work at does use it as an outcome measure. However I do think it can be superficial and it can also not always fully describe the difficulties the client is experiencing, especially cognitive difficulties. I would be keen to read the article in the new BMJ regarding the value of OT, which I must say is something that the managers in our service do not value us!I haven’t found much other evidence but I will keep on searching if you find anything please let me know. Saving dollars and cents is what seems to really matter not always best practice or best outcome for the client???


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“Best Practice”

Hi, Well I have not written for a while but I have a question and I hope you can help me. Our service is undergoing a review, particularly allied health staff members and the “big” managers are bench marking our service. We have a period where we can put submissions forward. I was wondering if anyone had research regarding why rehab is important, why allied health, particularly occupational therapists are crucial to rehab, both inpatient and community services. Basically I am asking for any research that supports rehabilitation, particularly with neurological conditions. I look forward to your comments and assistance with this.

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I have been reading Mikes blog for sometime and am really touched by the journey that he and Kat are on and the progress Kat is making. As occupational therapists I think we often…well speaking for myself….we get stuck in the “fix-it” mode…we are so busy trying to enable the client to get their function back, that we forget the human element..the little things like hugs, walking on the grass and going home these are such  simple pleasures yet such an important part of a clients rehab and life preinjury. I need to remember the little things more when working clients these are what often make up quality of life.

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Conference Reflections!

Well I am back from Brisbane and rearing to go. My brain is alive with research ideas. I am amazed and how up there the Australians are with research and best practice!! Catherine Mateer was one of the key note speakers and she was fantastic, very inspiring. It is incredible how technology is moving into therapy. For example using pagers as prompts for people who severe memory impairments and very limited initiation. I was disappointed however at how few OT’s were at the conference and how many other professions are presenting their research. What was more astounding is how many other professions are presenting ideas that are fundamental to OT such as context and using functional activities in rehab. However to other professions these are new ideas which they see as ground breaking!! We need to get out there and be more proactive in promoting OT and our principle ideas. Please let me know what you think and if you are out there doing any research?

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I am very excited preparing for the conference I am attending this week with one of my colleagues. We are attending the Australian Association for the Study of Brain Impairment (ASSBI) conference in Brisbane. It should be great, the conference programme focuses on the cognitive effects of brain injury and the management of this. It looks fantastic it has a variety of international speakers so should be really interesting. I look forward to learning lots and networking with people who have a similar practice area. So hopefully next week my blog will be filled with interesting post conference reflections!

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Reflections on Practice

I have two questions to ask if anyone has a comment…

The first question leads on from a discussion I had with a colleague who does not believe in the functional affects of mild TBI/concussion. Particularly as there is often no evidence of injury on scans. It is interesting because in my daily practice I work with people who are dealing with the effects of the index injury such as impaired memory and concentration, as well as significant fatigue. Has anyone come across research that supports the affects of mild TBI on function?

My second question is for people working in the community with clients who have had strokes. I am finding that once people are home a huge barrier to rehab is often family and previous life roles. These clients can no longer fulfill these roles however they are still “stuck” in these roles because that is how the relationship operated prior to the injury. Obviously working alongside the client and their families to achieve their goals is one of the main priorities but how do we over come these barriers while maintiaining a theurapeutic relationship?

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